Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Head's Blog: Tuesday 17 October 2016

I have just been out on the field watching Year 7 take part in their house rugby tournament. In spite of the shower that hit us (I wish I had brought my coat!) the boys were enjoying things and playing well. I will update you on the results in the next blog.

Responsibility and opportunity: Year 11 Mocks
On Wednesday 9 November Year 11 Mocks will begin. We are having mocks earlier this year to give students even more time to respond to what the mocks tell them. A few boys foolishly tell their parents that they do not need to revise as "these are only mocks". I am sure parents will not be fooled by such comments. Revision undertaken now will mean less work is needed and more will be remembered for the summer exams. More importantly boys need to know what they need to work on to improve from their current best. Students and their teachers will only know what their current best is if they revise properly.

Responsibility: Measles
I have received a letter from Public Health England warning me that there is currently a high rate of measles infection. In most cases measles is a mild infection but it can cause more severe complications. The first stage of measles includes a runny nose, conjunctivitis (red eyes), a cough and an increasing fever that comes and goes. A rash appears on day 3 or 4 while the individual is still feverish and miserable. Anyone with suspected measles should remain off school (or work) until five days after the rash first appears. We haven't had any cases of measles reported to us but I am passing this information on just in case.

Opportunity: Football Tournament

Mr Baum and Mr Coleman I had the delight (their words!) of taking 10 of our students to a Plymouth school tournament based at Goals. We entered two teams and have previously come in second and third place but this time they went to the event really trying to do one better and win. One of our teams played great football but kept being pipped to the win in the dying minutes and narrowly losing and eventually came 5th. Our second team were somewhat more successful winning all of their matches and completing the tournament as undefeated champions! Congratulations to Mr Coleman and Mr Baum and the boys: Rhys Edwards, Sam Smith, Joel Barlow, Callum Coot, Jesse Coombes, Liam Hamley, Daryl Read, Harry Cornish, Felix Powell, Brendan Morrison

Opportunity: Year 7 Rugby
On September 29 Year 7 extended their unbeaten record in another rugby Tournament. Mr Elliot-Smith says: "The games were much tougher affairs this time with all teams stepping up their games, it was just that our year 7's stepped it up even more. They played some fantastic rugby with all players leaving nothing on the pitch! A mention also for Frankie Rogers who volunteered to run the lines and did a fantastic job. The boys were a real credit to the school.

Compassion: Tour De Moor 
I am delighted to report that Josh Bailey completed the Tour De Moor on the 8/9 October. This annual event allows riders to choose three different distances to cover: 11km, 27km and 52km. Josh was raising money for St Luke's Hospice and in doing so completed the 52km course in 4hrs 35mins. 

Opportunity: Achievement by an "Old Boy"
I would like to offer my congratulations to a former pupil, Mr Paul May, was inaugurated as the next President of The Society of British Neurosurgeons (SBNS) on 22 September.

Opportunity, Responsibility and Compassion: Year 7 Retreat
Over the last two weeks each Year 7 form has had a three day retreat at Buckfast. This gave the boys time to pray, to see the Abbey, to have some fun and to think about what it means to be part of a community. I am very grateful to the staff who went with the boys, to the sixth form students who helped out through the retreat and to the small army of volunteers who helped with cooking meals and other things. They boys were particularly grateful to those who made homemade cakes which were enjoyed by everyone there.

Opportunity, Responsibility and Compassion: PTFA
I have just received the PTFA newsletter which gives details of the work of the PTFA. A key date for your diaries is their next meeting: Monday, November 14th at 7pm in the Staff Room. All are welcome, refreshments provided. The newsletter can be accessed here:  http://www.stbonifaces.com/sites/default/files/user-43/PTFA%20Autumn%20News%202.pdf

Compassion: Harvest Food Collection and Harvest Liturgy
We managed to collect over 600 items for this year's Harvest Appeal! A huge thank you for your kind contributions. The items were presented to Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support at the Harvest Liturgy yesterday.

Compassion: Mufti days
We will be holding three MUFTI days in November and December on the following days to raise money for local and international charities:
Wednesday 9 November
Thursday 24 November
Wednesday 7 December
I will share more details about exactly who we are raising money for soon.