Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Head's blog: Tuesday 6th September

It was wonderful to meet students after the summer break yesterday and to welcome new Year 7 boys to the college. I am glad to say they have all - young and old - arrived ready to learn!

I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of the changes in responsibility that I shared with you at the end of last term.

The Leadership Team is now as follows:

Headteacher: Mr F Ashcroft
Deputy Headteacher: Mr A Davies
Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning): Dr A Summers
Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral Care): Mr R Ramage

In terms of subject leadership there will be 5 Curriculum Directors and the SENDCO:

SENDCO: Mr D Ousey
Director of Maths and Computing: Mr P Scott
Director of English and Languages: Mr P Trimmer
Director of Science and Technology: Mrs F Walton
Director of Humanities (RE, Geography, History and Social Sciences): Miss R Blackshaw
Director of Performance (PE, Music, Art, Drama): Mr P Greenway

Each curriculum Director will be assisted by a second in each area.

Second in Maths and Computing: Ms V Taylor
Second in English and Languages: Ms V Phillips
Second in Science and Technology: Mrs S Lee
Second in Humanities: Ms C Redfern
Second in Performance: (PE, Music, Art, Drama): Mrs J Wills

Year Leaders will are as follows:

Sixth Form: Mr S Tew
Year 10 and 11: Mrs L McLoughlin
Year 8 and 9: Mr R James
Year 7: Mrs J Lavers (formerly Miss McFarland)

Mrs Swann will be going on maternity leave in October so Mrs Lavers will take on responsibility for Year 7 and transition until Mrs Swann returns.

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