Monday, 21 March 2016

Head's Blog Monday 21st March 2016

Last week I had the immense privilege of interviewing Year 12 students for positions in the Sixth Form Leadership Team including Head Boy/Girl and Deputy Head Boy/Girl. As always, I was tremendously impressed by the articulate way each student explained what each of them had to offer the College. Also evident was their commitment to help others and to follow our College Motto and "Do Good".

Year 11 are about to begin "Walking Talking Mocks" in English, Maths, Science and RE. A Walking, Talking Mock involves students sitting in exam conditions while an experienced teacher takes them through a past exam paper question by question pointing out how to achieve the best possible marks. Once each question has been explained by the teacher, the students themselves get a chance to answer it. This will really help them with exam technique.

Year 11 are well in to their revision. They (and Sixth Form students) must use the upcoming Easter break as a chance to revise. Please encourage your son (or daughter) to spend some hours each day preparing for their exams. Reading through notes and highlighting key words only works for a very small number of students. The following revision techniques work much better so please make sure your son takes note!

  • Testing yourself or testing each other in pairs - family can help with this if they have time
  • Revision cards
  • Mind maps and concept maps
  • Drawing your own annotated diagrams
  • Making notes as you read - use colour but don't take ages making them neat
  • Use GCSE bitesize and SAM Learning
It is best to start revision early and to work in 30 minute blocks with 5 or 10 minute breaks in between. Don't do any more than 6 hours on a non-school day. Your son should make sure he gets plenty of exercise and a chance to relax.

Finally whatever your son tells you (or even genuinely believes) if is FAR more effective to revise in silence so make sure he switches off music during revision time.

You will remember that Owen Bush won the Catenians Public Speaking contest and was awarded William Flint trophy for Public Speaking. On Friday he was presented with his trophy.

Year 7 News
Mrs Evans was running an exciting literacy challenge for all KS3 students on World Book Day, which was on Thursday 10th March.

The students were asked to create a mini novel during their scheduled half an hour of reading session on this particular day. Mrs Evans has informed me that she has awarded prizes to the students shown below for working hard and producing good quality work.

 Oliver McLean                

 Adam Richards               

 Riley Piper-Bayza           

 Jack Ryan                                                            

 Ethan Carlisle                                                        

 Benedikt Cresswell                                                

Well done boys you should be very proud of yourselves!

Mr MacCormick and the PTFA did a fantastic job at running a disco on Friday 11th March for Year 7 and 8 students for Notre Dame and St Boniface students.  I attended for part of the evening and was very impressed with the outcome, as there was a good variety of Notre Dame and St Boniface students, and all looked to be having a lot of fun dancing the night away while stocking up on sweets and fizzy drinks!

A coffee morning for the parents of Year 4 and 5 students was mentioned as being held at St Boniface’s on Thursday 24th March between 9.30am to 11.00am in our Learning for Life Centre. This event has now been postponed til later on in the year to ensure that timings are at a more convenient time for parents. 

Further details on this will be mentioned next term.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Swann

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