Monday, 8 February 2016

Head's Blog: Monday 8th February 2016

Last week we took delivery of our brand new College Minibus. The old ones had come to the end of their useful life; it's good to know that boys can continue to get to and from their fixtures. Parents will remember that I mentioned the Year 11 Football Team had reached the Cup Final. The current arrangement is that this will take place on 14th March. These things are subject to change so don't put anything firm in your diary yet. Obviously I will let you have further details as soon as we have them.

This week we have Year 11 parents evening on Tuesday 9th February. This is a chance for teachers to tell parents the things students need to do to improve their performance in each subjects. I don't mean things like "work harder", " complete all homework" or "revise thoroughly" which parents already know. Tomorrow teachers will be telling parents specific areas of each subject that boys need to address. I encourage as many parents to attend as possible.

Sixth Form News
Kirsten Cortezar, Owen Bush, Joe Williams, John Ballega and Bradley Johnson were the candidates for the StBoniface's Catenians Public Speaking contest. At stake the William Flint trophy for Public Speaking. The venue was the Sixth form common room and the audience were Year 11's.

The judges, Miss Blackshaw, Mr Davies, Mr Ramage and Dr Summers a wide ranging mix of expertise, not unlike the X Factor! (Though we think both the judges and the speakers were much better than you would see on the telly)

The contestants had to talk for 4 minutes, ideally without notes and present their argument.

Mrs Cox looked after the nerves of the candidates..

The judging was very close, going to second votes, with the audience vote.

Owen won the trophy, they all did exceptionally well!!

Well done to all! A time when the boys turn into adults!

Year 7 News

Mr Chambers and 7V led a very informative assembly about e-safety and cyberbullying. Like 7B, the assembly was presented to all of KS3 and KS4 this week. I was fortunate enough to see each assembly and was very proud of what had been achieved, especially the video that was seen to be presenting a cyber-bullying issue and was acted by students in 7V – there are definitely some strong actors amongst 7V! Well done 7V and of course to Mr Chambers for the fantastic amount of effort that went into creating this excellent assembly.

Mrs Braganza took a group of Year 7 students to Plymouth City College last week. She says “The highlight of the event is 'battery powered dusting brush' which the students have to build, assembling the parts they have been provided with. They also had the opportunity to look at skeletal system and estimate the height of the person looking at the bone they have been given.”  This was a fantastic opportunity for the students and an enjoyable experience had by all, please see some photos below;

This week the prayer theme is "Time". Students will be using this payer in Tutor Time.

Lord, give us each day the wisdom to recognise which things are important, and which
things are not. Show us how best to use the time and talents you have given us. Help us to use all opportunities wisely that we may give in service to others the good gifts we have 
received from you. Amen.

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