Friday, 8 January 2016

Head's Blog: Friday 8th January 2016

Our Year 11 boys are just about to begin their GCSE Mocks (Y12 and Y13 have already been working hard on theirs). This is a chance for the boys and their teachers to find out how much they know and can do so that the last few months of the course can focus on the areas that need improvement. I am sure that parents of Year 11 will be encouraging boys with their last minute revision and making sure they get an early night.

This week in assemblies I have been talking to students about the Feast of the Epiphany. Obviously I spoke to them about the symbolism of the three gifts from the wise men; gold indicating that Jesus was a King, frankincense that he was God made man and myrrh predicting his death on the cross. But I also asked them to think about gold in their lives - their successes and things they enjoy, myrrh in their lives - things that cause them pain and sorrow in their lives. I invited them to consider the things that they could change from ordinary to extraordinary as their "frankincense". Just as the Wise Men offered their gold, frankincense and myrrh to Our Lord, in the same way we can offer our successes, failures and the "ordinariness" of our lives too.

Early warning for parents of boys in Year 9: On Tuesday 19th January we have our Option Information Evening. This will give you and your sons a chance to find out about what is on offer next year. I look forward to seeing you there.

A finally some sporting news: I was not able to get to the annual St Boniface Old Boys' Boxing Day rugby match but I am delighted to report that the score was:
Saltash Rugby Club 0, St Boniface's Old Boys 68. Congratulations to our former pupils. I must see if I can make it to this year's game.

Year 7 News
Happy New Year and welcome back after what I hope to have been an enjoyable Christmas for all of you.

Year 7 Assemblies will begin next week, in which the whole Tutor Group will be involved in presenting an assembly to all Year groups within the College.  Mr Ousey and 7K are first to present, and will be focussing on the theme of ‘Singing’ – good luck to all! 

The Lepra Foundation visited us last term in the hope of receiving some support from our Year 7 and 8 students.  I would like to say a huge thank you to those who donated towards this cause.  The money raised will be totalled very shortly and I will share this amount with you very soon.

The Christmas Pantomime was a huge success last term and I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the Thursday evening, again I was reduced to tears at times due to laughing so hard.  The Year 7’s who were involved were an absolute credit to the College, and I was overwhelmed in seeing so many involved, whether it was in the choir, pantomime, behind the scenes or in the band, they all did an amazing job – well done boys!

Mrs Swann

The theme of the week next week is: Questions and boys will be using this prayer in Tutor Time:

It seems to me, Lord,
that we search
much too desperately 
for answers 
when a good question
holds as much grace
as an answer.
you are the Great Questioner
Keep our questions alive
that we may always be seekers
Rather than settlers.
 a wondering
 restless people

And give us the feet of pilgrims
On this journey unfinished.


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