Friday, 29 January 2016

Head's Blog: Friday 29th January 2016

This week we marked Holocaust Memorial Day on Wednesday. All students watched a video of Holocaust survivor Solly Irving. The whole school found his testimony very moving. I urge you to talk to your son about what he saw and what it meant to him.

Year 11 teachers have almost completed marking students mocks. They are preparing for Year 11 parents evening on Tuesday 9th February. At the moment teachers are making sure that students understand exactly what they need to do to improve. They will share this information with parents on the 9th; an extra reason to attend.

Year 7 News
Mr James, Mrs Davey and 7B are the first Tutor Group to present their assembly, based around fitness, to KS3 and KS4 this week.  The assemblies have gone smoothly and enjoyed by all.  I noticed that KS3 had a few giggles during the video which was showing, what I would only describe as, outstanding efforts within fitness in lots of different sport areas – well done 7B and of course to Mr James and Mrs Davey for your superb work in putting this meaningful assembly together!

The phase of ‘Seat belting’ has been brought to my attention this week, and I wanted to bring it to yours.  The term refers to students pulling another students bag straps so hard that they fall over.  I have discussed this matter with a very small minority of students, explaining the consequences of these actions, and the dangers of such behaviour. I reminded them that we are all responsible for keeping each other safe. I would really appreciate your support in this matter, and discussing this behaviour with your son.

iPads and tablets are being mentioned more often and staff have noticed some Year 7 students in possession of one I am concerned that they will get damaged or even worse, taken.  Students leave their bags at lunch and breaks times to go and play on the yard, and I do worry that somebody could step on, or fall over a bag which could cause the electronic to become damaged.   I would advise that  students DO NOT bring such items into school, as there is no need for them throughout the school day, and students aren’t able to use these during unstructured times – I thank you in advance for this.

Mrs Swann

Mrs Swann makes a very good point about bringing expensive items in. Parents need to be aware that the College insurance does not cover repairs to students' property; if a valuable item is brought in then parents need to make sure that it is covered by their own insurance. My advice is the same as Mrs Swann's - leave them at home.

This week the prayer theme is love. Boys will be using this prayer:
Father, we read in the Bible that the best way to describe you is to use the word “Love.”
Your love for mankind is so great that you sent Jesus, your Son, to live as one of us.
We pray that we may appreciate and value one another.
God of love,

Lead us to grow in love.


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