Sunday, 24 January 2016

Head's Blog: 24th January 2016

I was very interested to look at the merits totals so far. After all we are getting close to the halfway point of the year.
Merit Leaderboard
1Morgan McLean353
2Oscar Dawson351
3Thomas Oliver316
4Oliver McLean301
5Mathew Villaquiran293
6Brandon Wood281
7Aidan Bettell279
8Thomas Warmington268
9Cameron-Rhys Braddon243
10Spencer Luetchford240

Well done to all the boys in the top ten across the College.

If we look at totals by house we get:


and by age:
Transition (Year 7)10,141
Lower School
(Year 8 and 9)
Upper School
(Year 10 and 11)
VI Form962

It's also pleasing to see that most boys have quite a few merits each even if they haven't quite reached 300. It would be worth discussing this with your sons. I am sure parents remember that students are given a red token for each merit and these are collected and counted by Tutors each week so you can ask your so how many merits he has this week by asking to see the tokens. If your son is gaining lots of merits in a range of subjects he is probably working well; if not there is a discussion to be had with him.

Year 7 News

7K and 7V’s assembly, has unfortunately been postponed to later on in the year, this is due to the GCSE Mock exams taking place and the students needing use of the assembly hall. The students and their tutors have put in a huge amount of work into preparing for their assembly, and we wouldn’t want to miss out on this so we will make sure it is rescheduled for later.

Thomas Warmington in 7K is a member of Boringdon Golf Club, and recently came 2nd in a competition against 13/14 year-olds.

Oscar Dawson in 7K has recently competed in a Brass Band Competition in Torquay - and won!

Will Gillen in 7K has recently come 1st in a Mountain biking competition at Plym Bridge Woods.

Lots of exciting things happening in 7K at the minute – well done lads!

Mrs Braganza is involved in running our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical) club and is taking a group of Year 7 students to Plymouth City College on Thursday 28th January from 9:45am - 11:45am.

Oliver McLean 7K
Max Edney 7V
Ty Mitchell 7B
Ethan Carlisle 7V
Riley Piper 7B
Isaiah Akinrowo 7B
Adam Richards 7G
Morgan McLean 7K
Archie Ladell 7V
Will Gomery 7K
Rayan Kalam 7K
Angel Waruih 7B
James Quintrell 7G
Alex Smith 7B
Will Hicklin 7V

I look forward to hearing all about it on their return…and hopefully I will have some photos to share with you!

Kind Regards,

Mrs Swann

I have also been asked to publicise the fact that the Catholic Children's Society has ten places in the Plymouth Half Marathon on Sunday 17 April 2016; I am happy to do so. If you are interested in running please see the poster below for details.

The prayer theme this week is "Friendship" and boys will be using this prayer in Tutor Time:

Lord, as you lend me life, lend me a heart full of thankfulness, that I may treasure good
Inspire me each day to live positively and cheerfully, living in such a way that I express
thanks and encouragement to others, so that, together, we may bring out the best in each other and be appreciative of all who are part of my life.


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