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Head's Blog 7th December 2015

The first thing I want to talk about today is the school closure last week. Like all Headteachers I really dislike closing school particularly when students are already here. I am very conscious that students, often with their parents, and members of staff made sterling efforts to get in to school; They will be very disappointed that lessons barely got going before boys were sent home. (Perhaps students were not that disappointed but parents and staff certainly were!) I am sure parents understand that a lack of water is one of those rare situations where there really is no choice but to send students home.

I have spoken to South West Water as I think the failure of the College water supply was predictable and had they contacted us much earlier (instead of an hour after the water went off) if would have enabled us to make a decision about closure sooner. I will be working with them to make sure that in the very unlikely event of something similar happening in the future we have better information in College.

I want to thank staff, parents and students for their helpful and calm response to the situation.

There are some important things happening over the next two weeks. Firstly on Thursday we have our Christmas Lunch for senior citizens organised by our sixth form students. Secondly on Friday we have Advent Reconciliation liturgies for all students. Next week we have Carol Services for students on Thursday 17th December. Friday 18th December is the last day of term. Students will be leaving College at 1:35 pm. Staff will be remaining on site until 3:20 pm to prepare for next term.

Students return after the Christmas Holiday on Tuesday 5th January 2015

In the last two weeks of term we will be raising money for Crisis at Christmas. Mr Romaine and Mr Maccormick are doing a sponsored cycle with a difference (more details to follow). They have challenged every form to raise at least £22.29 as this is the amount of money it costs Crisis to provide for one homeless person over Christmas. 
More details are here.

Year 7 News

Mr Tew and Mrs Cox are organising an OAP event for Thursday 10th December, which is an annual event where the grandparents of Year 7 are invited in for Christmas celebrations. Letters have now been given to students with the full details of this event explained.

To help support this event, we are kindly asking if Year 7 would be able to bring in a wrapped present that clearly states whether it is male, female or unisex, so we can present each Grandparent with a gift during their visit.  Last year we had gifts such as chocolate, biscuits, joke books, fragrances, shower/bath smellies etc.  We thank you in 
advance for those who are able to donate to this great event.

If your son has a Grandparent who is able to attend and would like to help out during the event, please ask him to express his interest to his Tutor.

The event is great fun and it would be fantastic to see as many students to support Mr Tew and Mrs Cox.

Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention that some individuals in Year 7 are choosing the wrong choices in regards to their behaviour.  As a Pastoral team, we cannot allow students to behave in this matter, and therefore the decision to issue a B4 detention, which is an hour after school, to any student involved in the following behaviours during lesson time and unstructured times;

 Pushing and shoving 

 Throwing wet and muddy leaves on the yard

 Swearing at other students

 Kicking and hitting in private areas (this may result in a B6 - a day in the link room)

Students believe that the above can be perceived as being playful and messing around, which is not the case if their actions are at risk of putting themselves or others in danger of harm.

Parents Evening will be on Tuesday 8th December from 3.30-6.30pm.  Your son will receive an appointment card this week during Tutor time, and it will be his responsibility to arrange a time with his subject Teachers, ensuring that you note on the appointment card which times you are available between the times mentioned above.  

However, please do not hesitate to contact your son’s subject Teacher via email if necessary, emails address are, for example; 

Each appointment is a 5 minute slot which will give you time to have an overview of your son’s current progress, and to discuss any questions or queries that you may have in regards to your son’s academic progress across all subjects. We very much look forward to seeing you all there.

Kind regards

Mrs Swann

The prayer them this week as we approach the Christmas Season is "incarnation" and students will be using this prayer with their tutors:

God our Father, you created light and all that we can see. Show us how to grow in a sense
of wonder that we may “really see” and appreciate all the beauty that is around us. Lead us to discover how inter – connected are so many things in life and how inter – woven with your presence. 

May the coming into our world of Jesus, your Son, who lived fully as a human being, remind us that we are all called to be at – one with you. Show us how to transform all 
that might be ordinary in our daily lives and, through your Spirit, become more fully alive, to your greater glory. Amen.

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