Monday, 2 November 2015

Head's blog 2nd November 2015

On Saturday our New York trip returned. Mr Scott tells me that the boys had a great time but returned very tired! I am sure they will have had a chance to catch up on their sleep before returning to school tomorrow.

I would also like to make you aware of an event at St Peter's Church on Friday. 

Gen Verde are an international performing arts group of the Focolare Movement and will be performing at St Peter's Church in Crownhill Plymouth on Saturday 7th November at 8:00pm. I thoroughly recommend this event to young people and parents.
Tickets: £5 tickets on sale at the door. For more details see the Plymouth Diocese website:

Year 8 and 9 news
This term has seen a positive start to the school year; students have shown a positive attitude to their studies and as a result have gained many merits through the college’s new rewards scheme. As I write this blog our lower school students – those in years 7 & 8 - have received  in total 4853 merits: Year 8 2240 and year 9 2613,  a fantastic achievement. 

Further congratulations go to the current year group leaders, Esala and Liam.  Year 8 has seen a great competition all term with the early leader Esala being chased all the way by Gee and it is fitting to see both students sharing the top spot at the end of term 1. 

Year 8
Esala Lomani 105
Gee Paul 105
Spencer Luetchford 87
Year 9
Liam Hamley 94
Tyler Gregory 86
Jack Rigbey 84

With the college looking to offer exciting prizes to the winners we further encourage all students to strive for success in the gaining of the merit tokens next term.

Next term we will be issuing details of an educational trip to Disneyland Paris which will run in February half –term so watch your e-mails for further details. More and more notices are being sent by e-mail so please ensure we have a current up to date e-mail for you, if you have changed address just send me an e-mail with your son’s name and year to and I will update our records.

As always I would like to wish students a good half-term week, and if you are travelling - as I know some are- a safe journey and remember we return on Tuesday 3rd November  with smart correct uniforms and shoes (NOT TRAINERS), with  short haircuts ready for the new term and all it holds as we start our approach to Christmas with Advents, school concerts and pantomimes.

Mrs L McLoughlin

Year 7 News

The Buckfast Abbey retreat is going fantastically, and I have been very lucky in being able to visit some Tutor Groups to see how they are getting in.  So far I have seen some lovely Stained Glass jam jars being created, Mr Trimmer climbing a tree (please see the photo on the right for evidence of this), fantastic questioning from the students while visiting Buckfast Abbey, helpfulness while clearing away after meal times, excellent pizza making skills and great team work.  Lots of photos are being taken during each Tutor groups visit, and these will be shared next term.

The Merit Leader board is constantly changing, as seen below, and I know that many students have been receiving merits during their time at Buckfast Abbey, and these will be added to their current totals in the first week of the new term – keep going boys, you are all doing fantastically!

Thomas Oliver
Jack Ryan
Morgan McLean
Jack Meertons
Oscar Dawson
Rayan Kalam
Samuel Hammond
Archie Netherton
Oliver McLean
Dylan Jones

William Gillen has been chosen to represent the HMS Heroes at the Guildhall this week, so I look forward to sharing some information and hopefully some photos from this soon.

“Alfie Bettell had a piece of writing published in a book along with other students from St Pauls RC Primary and a few other primary schools. The book is called Starlight and it’s a mayflower 400 anthology of young people’s writing. 

The event I believe was organised by Plymouth City Council and I believe the books are available to purchase. Each child was presented with a copy of the book and a £10 Waterstones book voucher by the Plymouth Lord Mayor.  As you can imagine we are very proud.” – said by Alfie’s Mum.

Term 1 is very nearly over and I really can’t believe how quickly it has gone, it has been a fantastic but busy term, and I look forward to seeing everyone fresh faced and recharged on Tuesday 3rd November (please note that Monday 2nd November is an INSET day for all students).

Kind Regards,

Mrs Swann

On a final note, we have a very small number of students who are arriving late for College. Please could parents make sure that students leave home in plenty of time so that they can arrive on the College grounds by 8:45 am.

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