Sunday, 15 November 2015

Head's Blog 15th November 2015

We ended last week with a day raising money for Children in Need. Make sure you look at our Facebook page for pictures of the boys. I will let you know the total raised next week.

We also had some important sporting success recently. On Thursday our Table Tennis squad travelled to Eggbuckland to compete in the Devon School's tournament. The U16 team managed to get to the final where they were narrowly beaten by the home team. To be second best in Devon is a great achievement.

The Year 7 Rugby Team managed to go one better and win the Cunningham Cup trophy coming out top of 10 schools.

Year 7 News

Mrs Coot had the pleasure of accompanying members of the HMS Heroes group on two visits the first to HMS Raleigh and the second to Plymouth Guildhall, just before half term. She was accompanied by Will Gillen, Oliver and Morgan McClean, and students from other year groups to the guildhall just before the half term break to take part in three days of lead learner training.

The training required the learners to work in a team, planning and developing learning activities, action planning, personal targets and giving effective presentations. Opportunities for the students to reflect and think about what being a service child meant and the positive and negative impact it has on them was extremely interesting.

Well done boys for being such role models to our College!

Mr Trimmer - The boys below have expressed an interest in becoming involved in a production of 'A Thoroughly Modern Mill' at Notre Dame.  Danielle Orlans is coming to talk with them this week about this production, and hopefully we will see some of them (or all!) collaborating with Notre Dame in this production.

 Joseph Massey

 William Gillen

 Oliver Jackson

 Ben Cookson

 Oscar Dawson

 Ethan Murray

 Ethan Hamley

 Jacob Jones

 Brendan Garill Perkins

 Alex Coen

 Ryan Brown

 Tom Pyne

 Russell Felix

Mrs Swann

The prayer theme this week is "Vocation" - on Thursday Year 9 will have this as a theme for their retreat. Students will be using this prayer during Tutor Time.

Loving Lord, inspire me to bring out the best in others and “touch hearts” by being welcoming and generous and always positive in attitude, showing individuals that they matter and are important. May those who are part of my life this say treat me in the same way as I treat them. 


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