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Head's Blog: 3rd October 2015

Parents should have received a letter about our Harvest Liturgy this year. The liturgy will happen during assembly on Wednesday 14th October. As we remember all the blessing we ourselves have, we are collecting for the Shekinah Mission and Plymouth Food
Bank. We would be most grateful if each student could bring a contribution to the harvest. This could be any tinned or packet food with a good expiry date. The list below might help you decide.

Long Life Milk (UHT or powered) Tinned fruit
Long Life Carton of Fruit Juice Pasta Sauces
Pasta Sauces 
Tinned Vegetables 
Tinned Tomatoes 
Tinned meat/ fish
Pasta Baked beans
Tinned Rice Pudding 
Hot Chocolate
Tomato Puree 
Salad Cream
Biscuits or Snack Bars 
Tomato Sauce

Please bring all donations by Tuesday 13th October to the Chapel. These will be arranged as our Harvest display for our Wednesday Assembly and passed on to the two charities after the liturgy.

Over the next few lessons your son's will be completing assessments. The grades achieved will be available to view on SIMS learning gateway. If you have any difficulty accessing SIMS, please contact Mr Beaty at the College mbeaty(at symbol)

Currently Grimshaw are the house with the most merits:

and the leaderboard looks like this:
Merit Leaderboard
1Esala Lomani84
2Gee Paul79
3Jack Humphris76
4Joshua Darke69
5Robert Fieldhouse63
6Tyler Gregory60
7John Colmer52
8Liam Hamley51
9Jack Rigbey51
10Callum Mead51

so well done to Esala Lomani.

Another date for your diaries (or at least your sons') is that we are having school group photos taken on Friday 16th October.

Starting this Wednesday and every lunchtime following there will be exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel. Any member of the College is welcome to pray in the Chapel before the blessed sacrament.

Year 7 News
On Friday we were privileged to have a visit from Bishop Mark. More on this in next week's blog.

Mr MacCormick and the RE department organised a Retreat day on Friday 25th September, focusing on Friendship.  All Year 7 students took part and spent the day looking at the story of The Selfish Giant, in which they worked on different activities throughout the day.  Mr MacCormick has informed me that the day was a success and the boys have created some fantastic work which will be displayed in the RE department.

Mrs Swann

Year 8 and 9 News
Now that things have started to settle following the start of the year which is always a busy time I would like to introduce myself, My name is Mrs Lyn Mcloughlin and I am currently Head of Lower school – years 8 & 9, I have previously seen 2 years groups go through the school, visiting them in primary school as part of the transition role  to see them moving on in  year 11 with GCSE certificates in their  hand as they embark on the next stage of life’s journey.

It is always a pleasure to see how your son’s mature as they progress through the school and develop their own little idiosyncrasies’. If you have any concerns  that you would like to discuss regarding their time here at St Boniface’s please do not hesitate to contact me on the school telephone number : 779051 or by e-mail lmcloughlin(at symbol) and I will endeavour to reply as soon as possible., and I will also contact you if we have any concerns in school.

As you may have heard this year has seen the introduction of the merit token in school for meritorious achievement  with pupils doing whatever they can to receive them as we hope to have many exciting rewards on offer for the highest achievers,  congratulations to those lads who have already been rewarded on the go-karts. You can see regular updates on the schools social network page on Facebook. Congratulations to the schools current leaders:

School Leader Board 

1 Esala Lomani 71 

2 Gee Paul 71 

This promises to be an exciting year ahead as I hope we can work together for the good of your sons and the school.  

Mrs McLoughlin

The Prayer Theme this week is: Giving

Boys will be using this prayer:

Loving and gracious God,
I have given gold,
But there is only so much gold.
I have given blood,
But I have only so much blood to give.
I have given my time,
But days have only so many hours.
I have given my strength,
But even that has its limits.
So I give my love. 
Because love is gold and love is blood.
And love is time, and love is strength.
But love is also so much more.
Because love is God.
And only you, God, have no limits.
And God is love.


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