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Head's Blog; 17th October 2015

Over the last few lessons your sons' teachers have been assessing their progress ready to report on where they are. Please find time to log in to SIMS learning gateway to check what progress they have made and speak to your son about his school work.

The other thing that happened last week was the Harvest Liturgy. Thank you for your generosity in contributing food items - we collected over 600 items. These have gone to the Plymouth Food Bank and the Shekinah Mission.

We also a passed a milestone last week - over 10 000 merits were earned. Well done to all the boys for their hard work in lessons.

This is how the Leader Board for merits looks:


Merit Leaderboard
1Ciaran Olford190
2Jack Humphris112
3Esala Lomani105
4Gee Paul103
5Liam Hamley94
6Spencer Luetchford87
7Tyler Gregory86
8Jack Rigbey84
9Alfie Tasker83

We are also half way through our Year 7 retreats. Last week it was 7B and 7K. Next week it will be 7G and 7V.  I really enjoyed sharing Wednesday evening with 7K up at Buckfast and I am sure that 7G and 7V will enjoy Buckfast Abbey as much as 7B and 7K.

This week for Year 11 student we have our Sixth Form Open Evening starting at 6 pm on Thursday and those students going to New York over half term are very excited and can't wait to start.

Year 7 News
Mr MacCormick congratulated Mr James' Form on Wednesday on their time spent at Buckfast Abbey. The boys had a fantastic time bonding with their peers, whilst being involved in lots of different activities.  All arrived back at school today buzzing with excitement!  Mr Ousey's tutor group left for the retreat today at 3.20pm and I look forward to joining them in the morning.

Lots of photos have been taken already and I will make sure I include some in the blog after the half term break, once each tutor group has had their chance to visit Buckfast Abbey.

Mr Scott has been incredibly busy planning this year's St Boniface's Most quick though as there are limited spaces and they will fill up quick! Please see the details below;

Kind Regards,

Mrs Swann

Year 7 and 8 News
This week starts off with a big thank you to all the parents who contributed by donating gifts to our harvest appeal.  On Wednesday Years 7 & 8 had an assembly/liturgy on the topic of harvest and the starving. 

All gifts were greatly received by the Plymouth Food Bank and the Shekinah Mission who were seen leaving the school site with fully laden cars and big smiles. 
Did you know if all the starving stood hand in hand they would reach 20 times around the world - a sobering thought?

A big thank you also to our readers from year 7, they did a stoic job to stand up in front of the older boys and to lead the prayers, well done and many thanks.

Congratulations also to Callum Hill, Joe Cocker, Daniel Cornish and Joe Farr who successfully auditioned for the Plymouth schools choir who will be going to America in the summer to participate in the Mayflower celebrations.

Further congratulations to year 9 student Bartosz  Gwizdala  who successfully made the Plymouth schoolboys football squad for this season – hope the hand injury soon heals– not good for a goal keeper.

Keep up the good news stories

Mrs McLoughlin

The prayer theme this week is "One World". Boys will be using this prayer:
God of the impossible,

We pray for justice, peace and reconciliation;
When the challenges seem too many,
Remind us of your resurrection power;
Remind us of your vision of a world made whole.
Help us to hope that the impossible can happen


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