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Head's Blog: 26th September 2015

This week I want to talk about these:
If your son has not shown you one yet, ask him about them. They are our new merit tokens. When your son makes a particular effort or achieves something noteworthy he will receive one of these from his teacher. He will be able to take them home and the next morning hand them over to his form teacher who will keep a tally of the merits he picks up. 

We also keep a track of the merits for each house and there will be a cup for the house that has the most merits at the end of the year.

While I am on the subject of rewards, this week each subject area has been choosing the Star Student in each year for September. This is the student who has impressed the most over the past 4 weeks. We expect students to try their best and to make progress in line with their ability; merits and Star Student awards are not just for the most gifted students but can be earned by any student who applies himself, works hard and "does good" in class. Star students get the opportunity to drive our Go Karts as a reward. The July "Star Students" have already had their turn this month.

Currently the house merit table looks like this:
Congratulations to Grimshaw for picking up an early lead. Of course we have only just started so there is plenty of time for the other houses to catch.

I can also tell you that Bradley Bishop has the most merits in Year 7 (24). Seamus McCoy has the most in Year 8 (40) and Jack Humphries and John Colmer who both have 43 merits have the most merits in Year 10 and Year 11. Jack Rigby from Year 9 has the most merits in the school - 44. Well done to these boys.

I hope parents will encourage their sons to gain merits by asking them about merits each day when they come home.

Year 7 News

Mr MacCormick has been organising a Year 7 retreat to Buckfast Abbey in October 2015.  A deposit of £10 needed to be payable to St Boniface’s on Friday 18th September, and the remainder due on Friday 9th October.  I do hope that as many Year 7’s can attend as possible, it really will be a great opportunity to bond with their tutor group and to have a bit of fun.  I am certainly looking forward to my visits through out the duration of the Year groups stay.

I have been introduced to the new Merit system’s totaliser this week, in which students across the College will have their Merit’s entered into a Year Group Top 10 list and a Whole College Leaderboard Top 10 list.  

I will be updating you as from next week on how the Year 7’s are getting on, so please do encourage your son to try and earn as many Merit’s as they can…let the competition begin!

Mrs Swann

KS4 News
A busy start to the year for Upper School!  

Toby Marks committed himself to the Brave the Shave Challenge, which he successfully completed on 23rd August.  His target was to raise £200 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Total to date is £250, which is a huge achievement, for which he should be very proud.
“I saw the advert for it on the TV one day. I’ve done things for charity before and was planning on doing one again this year, still planning on doing another event, thought this doesn’t affect me this much, but could change someone else’s life” - Toby Marks
Toby also plays Water Polo for Devonport Royal Swimming Association - and has again this year been selected to play for the Devon County Under-14s Team in the intercounty Championships to be held at MIllfield School, Somerset on December 6th 2015.  He completed trials in Exeter on 13th September and was one of 13 selected from 35 trialists, to represent the County. Due to many hours of hard work and training.  A huge congratulations to Toby on this achievement.

Win Mikubu was very happy to share his football team outside school SB Frankfurt had won 8-3.

We are also pleased to report that John Colmer has secured himself a part-time job at Farm Foods, whilst Devan Marshall has been signed for a new rugby team Saltash.

Mr Scott

Sport news
On Thursday the year 7's had their very first fixtures for St Boniface's; three games of rugby at Stoke Damerel. The boys played fantastically well and were a credit to the school. Two great wins against Stoke Damerel were followed by a brilliant battle with a BIG Eggbuckland squad - 3 wins out of 3! 

St Bonifaces 15 - 0 Stoke Damerel A
St Bonifaces 10 - 0 Stoke Dameral B
St Bonifaces 15 - 10 Eggbuckland

A great start - Well done gentlemen!

Notice from the Parish of St Peter and St Thomas More

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA):

Have you ever thought about becoming a Catholic?  Do you know anyone who may be interested? The RCIA process, over a period of time, introduces those interested, to the beliefs, life, liturgy and ministry in the Catholic community.  there will be an Open Evening in the Presbytery of St Peter's Church on October 7 at 7:15pm.  Attending this does not commit you and there is no pressure to continue the process, so please come along and find out more.  contact Shirley Turner on 01752 775209 if you have any queries.

Prayer theme
The prayer theme this week is Wisdom and boys will be using this prayer:
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change
the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

Reinhold Neibuhr

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